Posted on Dec 22, 2019

Super Pro Pressure Washing

What is Soft Wash Power Washing?

Pressure washing might be in our name, but that does not mean we fully blast our pressure washers at every problem. Our Denver team does it all- including soft washing!
Some scenarios require a delicate approach, something we call “soft washing” in the pressure washing industry.

So what is soft wash pressure washing? This is where we use specialized low-pressure nozzles on our pressure washers for a gentler but still powerful pressure wash. This is what allows us to quickly and effectively clean the exterior of your home while keeping the paint, vinyl and windows intact. It is one of the safest and most thorough cleaning solutions for your home’s exterior.

We also use our very own cleaning solution that not only removes all the dirt but also removes the mold, mildew, algae, bacteria and other biological elements living on your home’s surface.

We always make our clients understand that soft washing is preferable for most home cleaning scenarios. As a professional pressure washing company, we can tell you when to pressure wash or soft wash.

At Super Pro Pressure Washing, we know what combination of nozzles and chemicals can produce the most effective results.
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