Posted on Dec 22, 2019

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How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Many people don’t clean their gutters until it’s too late. We’ve cleaned a lot of gutters throughout the years and have seen the shocked look on people’s faces as various debris pours out of them, from leaves and twigs to birds nests and dead rats.

So they ask us how often they should clean them, and this is what we tell them.

Here’s how often you should clean your ads:
A good rule of thumb is to clean them twice a year if you live near trees. The first time you should do this is when the leaves have fallen. The second time should be before the rains start to fall. However, if you have trees with branches hanging over your roof, you might want to make cleaning your gutters a quarterly affair.

Also, you should clean the gutters immediately after a heavy storm. During the storm, there will be a lot of debris flying around the place and some of them might be deposited into your gutters.

How Do You Clean the Gutters?
Well, you can climb up there yourself and start scooping out all the dirt, leaves, dead animals and other debris – it is a messy job for sure, but it needs to be done for sure. But this is a painfully slow and ineffective process of debris removal. Plus, you can risk falling as well if you aren’t careful.

Alternatively, you can call in the experts. At Super Pro Pressure Washing, we pressure wash your gutters, making sure that no debris or mould remains. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your gutters cleaned!
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